AquiSense’s PearlAqua Micro UV LED system validated to US-EPA protocols across all five models

Nikkiso Group company AquiSense Technologies LLC of Erlanger, KY, USA (which designs and manufactures water, air and surface disinfection systems based on UV-C LEDs) says that it has become the first UV LED supplier to be tested against US-EPA protocols. Its PearlAqua Micro range was verified by Hull Consulting LLC in compliance with US-EPA microbiological performance protocols.

The PearlAqua Micro is claimed to be the world’s smallest UV system. With thousands of installations this year alone, the range offers benefits through LED current sensing and UV intensity monitoring as well as a variety of other design benefits specific only to AquiSense. The PearlAqua Micro is designed to be integrated at the point of use for disinfection applications.

PearlAqua Micro is validated to US-EPA protocols to meet microbiological performance with flow rates of 0.1–10.0LPM. This validation provides reduction equivalent dose (RED) allowing AquiSense to support customers selecting the appropriate configuration for their application, flow rate, microbiological performance, and UV dose. The firm offers five models in the PearlAqua Micro range, all of which comply with required UV dose standards set by the US-EPA.

“Validating our product line has been a key strategy for us to offer customers the most reliable and trusted information on the performance of our products,” says chief technology officer Jennifer Pagan. “We take validation and certification very seriously, as the claims we make affect the health and safety of our customers,” she adds. “Being third-party tested according to standards set by the US-EPA is a prime example of our willingness to offer trusted performance.”

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