GlobalFoundries sign long-term agreements for high-volume supply of Soitec’s 300mm SOI wafer 2019-5-20
Ultraviolet aluminium gallium nitride shell nanowire light-emitting diodes 2019-5-16
Leti develops CMOS-driven micro-LEDs with simplified transfer process that eliminates TFT backplane 2019-5-15
Soitec expanding engineered substrate portfolio into GaN by acquiring EpiGaN 2019-5-10
Positive threshold in GaN transistors with p-type aluminium titanium oxide 2019-5-9
Graphene interlayer for deep ultraviolet LEDs on nano-patterned sapphire 2019-5-8
Imec demos fully monolithical co-integration of GaN half-bridge with drivers 2019-5-7
MACOM and Goertek forming JV to supply GaN-on-Si products for China’s 5G build out 2019-4-26
Gallium-doped zinc oxide transparent conductor for gallium nitride LEDs 2019-4-25
Aluminium scandium nitride exhibits ferroelectric behavior 2019-4-19
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