AquiSense’s PearlAqua Micro UV LED system validated to US-EPA protocols across all five models 2019-6-24
Chromium/aluminium n-electrode for reflection boost of deep-ultraviolet LEDs 2019-6-19
Aixtron partners in UltimateGaN project to make power semiconductors available for broad applications at compe.. 2019-6-18
GaN Systems giving presentations and customer demonstrations at Wireless Power Week 2019-6-17
Achieving nitrogen-polar performance from gallium-polar growth 2019-6-14
Developing III-nitride-on-silicon optoelectronic platform 2019-6-13
Imec demonstrates optimized process flows for high-performance Ge-based devices 2019-6-11
UK’s CSC-led GaNTT consortium awarded £1.3m via the Office for Low Emission Vehicles 2019-6-10
Newport Wafer Fab completes multi-million-pound refinancing deal to new fund equipment and plant 2019-6-7
Split gate improves octagonal-cell silicon carbide MOSFET performance 2019-6-6
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